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Project management

Due to changes in the market, growth or bundling of goods flows, you decide to commit to new construction or to expand. This might be a commercial property, e.g. a distribution and/or packaging centre, and/or an office building. The process to arrive at realisation demands a lot of energy and know-how from your organisation that is not usually readily available.

The Triple Group takes care of this for you and acts as a binding factor between the customer, the authorities and other parties. We advise and coordinate throughout the entire process, from the initial concept to realisation. We unburden you entirely.

To achieve sound and effective communication, the Triple Group sets up a streamlined project structure and it takes the lead with the aim of executing the project on schedule and within the budget. To this end, we work according to a step-by-step plan that is tailored to the unique project:

  1. Research/Schedule of Requirements phase
  2. Design/construction preparation phase
  3. Tendering/contract phase
  4. Implementation phase

This will all be effected in close consultation with you, the customer. We are the focal point for you.